Artists’ Talk: Su Tomesen “Traveling Artist”

unnamed-4*Talk will be delivered in English

Su Tomesen is a Dutch visual artist based in Amsterdam and Jogjakarta. Her work consists of videos, photographs, installations and interventions. Most of her work evolves from traveling, and immersing herself in urban (sub) cultures. A recurring theme in her socially involved work is expressions of ingenuity and human resourcefulness in public space. Her previous education as a historian, and work as a director and researcher for television, is integrated in her art practice.

Su has been fortunate to see a lot of the world as artist-in-residence in Amman, Johannesburg and Medellin, and working for an international video art project in Port-au-Prince, Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro. Next to her work as an artist she has been teaching video workshops for Unicef and The One Minutes Foundation.

Su considers herself a type of cross-cultural ambassador when showing works she realized elsewhere in the world; for example, exposing an audience in Amsterdam to an installation from Amman, presenting her videos from Johannesburg in Yerevan, or giving an artist talk here in Jogjakarta.

Su started commuting between Amsterdam and Jogjakarta after meeting fellow artist Teguh Hartanto, now her husband and father of their daughter Lina. Experiencing life inside out in Indonesia and working with Teguh has inspired some new works and upcoming projects, currently under way. These include:

Film Jalan about ingenuity in Jogjakarta

Intervention Warung at residency in Amsterdam

Installation Rumah at metro station Amsterdam

Exhibition Exchange in Provinciehuis Maastricht

More about Su Tomesen:
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‘Master’, Havana, Cuba 2006
At the opening of La Bienal de la Habana 2006 Su Tomesen photographed an enthusiastic Cuban dancer.